Armorials Update

A few updates to the armorial already, bringing the total up to 246 items.

First up we have the 16th C German Koloriertes Wappenbuch, (Universität Tübingen, Universitätsbibliothek, Md 247-[1, 2, 3, 4]), spread over 4 volumes:

This one is pretty amazing. It has a unique art style and a lot of interesting arms. A few examples:

A dove atop a death’s head (with peacock feathers coming out of the eye-sockets for some reason) – Volume 1, p.285
An adorable snail – Volume 1 p.294
A monkey learning its ABCs – Volume 1 p.438

The library gives the date as simple “16th C”, but based on how much overlap the arms have with those in ‘Siebmacher’, I suspect this is quite near the end of that date range.

Next is Genealogie- und Wappenbuch, 1524 German (Universität Tübingen Universitätsbibliothek, Mc 250)

Being a genealogy this repeats a lot of arms, but it has enough variety to keep it interesting. It also has a simple art style that would work well for creating digital heraldic art:

Fers-de-loup, a bear, and a cauldron, from ‘Genealogie- und Wappenbuch’ p.200

Also from Germany, from the 2nd half of the 16th C, is Schembartbuch und Wappenbuch der ratsfähigen Geschlechter der Reichsstadt Nürnberg (Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Merkel Hs 2° 1046)

This one is mostly uncoloured, but the line drawings have a lots= of potential as a source for artwork. After f.71r the shields are blank.

Schembartbuch, folios 11r and 25r

And finally in the main German section there’s Meissnische Land und Berg-Chronica, a printed book from 1589 with a nice collection of arms between pages 423 and 445.

To the French section I added another edition of Jerome de Bara’s Le blason des armoiries, this one from 1581 (Paris, BnF, département Réserve des livres rares, RES-V-626). It has much clearer images than the 1579 edition that’s already there.

And in Stammbücher I added the Stammbuch of Jodocus Nagel. It only has 3 shields, on pages 12, 388, and 402.

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