Sambocade – Page 5

You have now made a delicious cheesecake! But it looks a little plain, so you decide to decorate it with your Arms, ‘Ermine fretty gules’. The ermine part is simple enough, as you have found a 14th century recipe called ‘Ermynee’ that uses cloves to simulate ermine spots*. A single clove in each space between the frets will make an excellent simulation of your preferred rendering of your Arms.

Now you have to decide how to make the fretwork pattern.

If you decide to make the fretty out of homemade marzipan, turn to Page 7.

If you want to make the fretty out of store-bought marzipan, turn to Page 8.

If you want to make the fretty out of a nice red berry jam, turn to Page 9.

* Hieatt, Constance B. and Robin F. Jones. “Two Anglo-Norman Culinary Collections Edited from British Library Manuscripts Additional 32085 and Royal 12.C.xii.” Speculum vol. 61, issue 4 (Oct. 1986): 859-882.

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