Iago's An Tir

by Daunt Iago ab Adam, Compaignon du Lorer
(Michael Case, yagowe{AT}gmail.com)
copyright 2001, all rights reserved

inspired by “Yakko’s World” from Animaniacs

Three Mountains, and Lionsdale, Ambergard, Coeur du Val, Briaroak, Seagirt, Cae Mor,
Dragon’s Laire, Nordholt, Madrone, and Valley Wold, Blatha An Oir, and Loch Dorr.

There’s Krakafjord, Myrgan Wood, Eisenmarche, Shittimwoode, Tir Bannog, and False Isle,
Appledore, Southmarch, and Porte de l’Eau, Lyonsmarche, Mountain Edge, Cragmere, St. Giles.

Adiantum, St. Bunstable, River’s Bend, Pendale, Druim Doineann, and then Rath an Oir,
Harrows Cross, Vulkanfeldt, Lions Gate, Caversgate, Sigelhundas, and Coill Mhor.

Windwyrm, Wastekeep, Dragon’s Mist, Fire Mountain Keep, Veraquilon, and Glymm Mere,
Myrtle Holt, Ramsgaard, Glyn Dwfn, and Stromgard, Dun an Chalaidh, and then Wealdsmere.

There’s Heron’s Reach, Hartwood, and Ravensweir, Wyewood, Borealis, Dregate, Ravens Quay,
Crickstow-on-Sea, Frozen Mountain, and Bearwood, the ship Curragh Mor went to sea.

There’s Bitter End, Montengarde, Griffins Gate, Vinjar, Windwic, Akornebir, Aquaterra;
Stonewolf, Wittanhaven, Cold Keep, and Midhaven,
Terra Pomaria, Danescombe, Corvaria,
Inlands, and Rivers, and Western, and Tir Righ, and Avacal, Summits, An Tir.

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