A Caerlaverock Roll of Arms – Introduction

by Daunt Iago ab Adam, Compaignon du Lorer
(Michael Case, yagowe{AT}gmail.com)
copyright 2001, all rights reserved

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In July of the year 1300 King Edward I led a siege on the castle of Caerlaverock, Dumfriesshire. Soon after, an epic poem was written, in Old French or Anglo-Norman, recording the events and, more importantly for my purposes, the arms of 106 of the knights and lords involved [1]. Since the poem does contain some inaccuracies and omits some details of blazon [2], I have chosen not to create a Roll of Arms simply based on the Poem, but to approach it as though I was a herald present at the siege, creating a roll independent of the poet. Therefore, I have used the Poem as my primary, but not only, source of information as to what those present actually bore.

To simplify things I have broken the documentation into two parts. The first part documents the overall project; for the second, I have treated each individual piece of armory as a mini research project, documenting my interpretation of what was actually borne at the siege by the person in question. 

[1] Eight 13th C. Rolls of Arms, pp. 11-12
[2] See Part II

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