Period Armorials Online

I’m using the term ‘armorials’ very loosely here, to include rolls of arms, actual armorials, genealogies, or even history books with lots of pictures of arms; basically, any source, handwritten or printed, which contains a number of emblazons.

A lot of the sources are very vague on dates and provenances; I’ve sorted these the best I could based on what info was available, which is in part why the geographic groupings are fairly broad.

For the most part, I didn’t include sources which include items past the year 1600, particularly when there were a range of dates crossing that line when the source is unclear about which items are dated to when.

I also only included primary sources. So, to choose a completely random example, even though there are a few sites online with the full text of the Caerlaverock poem, those would be out of scope. But if the British Library ever makes a digital version of Cotton Caligula A.xviii (the manuscript with the poem) available online, that would be within scope.

Great Britain and Ireland (41 items)

France (70 items)

Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Poland (102 items)

Italy (29 items)

Low Countries (22 items)

Iberia (30 items)

Southeast Europe (1 item)

Alba Amicorum (115 items)


Knights of the Round Table

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