December Armorials Update

Over 30 new items have just been added! First up we have a few Eastern European sources, 3 Polish, and 2 Czech: Kurtzer Auszug der Preussischen Chronicken, 1567 Polish (Biblioteka Kórnicka, sygn.Cim.Qu.2549 ; Mf3525) Tho iest wysławienie panow y paniąt ziem ruskich y podolskich, 1575 Polish (Biblioteka Kórnicka, sygn.Cim.Qu.2175) Herby rycerstwa polskiego, 1584 Polish (BibliotekaContinue reading “December Armorials Update”

Skulls in Period Heraldry

Human skulls (and death’s heads: skulls lacking the lower jaw) are very rare charges in period heraldry, but they do show up occasionally. The following is a rundown of all the examples I’ve found so far. The earliest examples are the attributed arms of Awil-Marduk, son of Nebuchadnezzar II, which started appearing in armorials inContinue reading “Skulls in Period Heraldry”

Another Big Armorials Update

I’ve added over 70 new sources today, so I’ll just mention some highlights. In the French section we have the 16th C Blasons de Bretagne, which offers some interesting insight into a regional heraldic style that is generally not showcased. A lot of the French sources I found were collections of the arms of theContinue reading “Another Big Armorials Update”

Giant Update to ‘Period Armorials Online’

The full list of the 66 new additions is at the bottom of this post, but first some highlights. Armoriaux et copies de pièces concernant spécialement les Flandres, 16th C French (Paris, BnF, ms. Français 22485) is an unfinished armorial with a lot of uncoloured line drawings that would make for excellent templates. Confréries deContinue reading “Giant Update to ‘Period Armorials Online’”

Armorials Update

A few updates to the armorial already, bringing the total up to 246 items. First up we have the 16th C German Koloriertes Wappenbuch, (Universität Tübingen, Universitätsbibliothek, Md 247-[1, 2, 3, 4]), spread over 4 volumes:   This one is pretty amazing. It has a unique art style and a lot ofContinue reading “Armorials Update”